John Knight MD

ohn Knight, MDDr. John Knight, M.D., Director at the Hand and Wrist Institute, is a Fellowship Trained Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who has managed to gain a reputation of prominence in minimally invasive procedures relating to the hand, wrist and the upper extremities. He treats various injuries, deformities and disorders and excels in innovative wrist arthroscopic techniques as well as stitchless endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedures. Dr. Knight has more than twenty years of experience and has completed more than 15,000 procedures.

Dr. Knight is a highly distinguished surgeon who received national acclamation during the late 1990s for playing a role in the congressional passage of the Aviation Medical Assistance Act in 1998, which resulted in the placement of defibrillators on all airplanes. His accomplishments include a toe to thumb transplant, for which he was actually among the first physicians in the American South to complete such a procedure with success. Another first for Dr. Knight was when he implanted the Free Hand System into a quadriplegic patients’ hand. Again, he was among the first physicians in the nation to perform such a procedure.

Dr. Knight is an expert in his field. His list of impressive certifications includes QME, Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand, ABOS and FLEX. He is dedicated to his craft and holds memberships in the AAOS and the COA. He has successfully treated Robbie Maddison, a globally known motorcycle stunt rider and Corey Bohan, a world renowned BMX rider.

Dr. Knight has been leading the Hand & Wrist Institute since September, 2009. Prior to that, he established LA Hand and Wrist Medical Associates, Inc. and lead the company from 2001 to 2009.

Dr. Knight offers patients the highest standards in healthcare. He uses an integrated approach that includes diagnosis, conservatism, pain management, the most current surgical and non-surgical procedures and techniques and rehabilitation.

The media circuit is nothing new to Dr. Knight. Publications and articles that have featured Dr. Knight's name and credited his work include "Bahamas native receives reconstructive surgery at SMC" in the Diocesan News (August 1994) and "Doctors complain airplanes lack sufficient medical equipment" in The Dallas Morning News (January 1998). He has also made television appearances on CNN and Good Morning America and has been featured and interviewed on radio shows.

Under the directorship of the highly skilled Dr. Knight, the Hand and Wrist Institute has become a leader in the country’s medical practices with locations in Beverly Hills, West Hills and Orange County. The practice is dedicated to diagnosing and treating conditions, injuries, deformities and disorders relating to the hands, wrists and upper extremities with the goal of bringing life back to those invaluable body parts.

On average, 90% of the patients who seek treatment from the Hand & Wrist Institute receive successful conservative treatment. The remaining 10% who require surgery receive the best of care in the surgical center's state of the art facility on a convenient outpatient basis. The ultra clean center utilizes only the most up to date research and is equipped with the most current technology. The minimally invasive procedures result in recovery periods that not only take less time but also are much less painful for patients.

Dr. Knight has an excellent track record of performing numerous non-surgical and surgical treatments, all aimed to heal and improve the functioning of the hand, wrist and upper extremity. He provides office, phone and online consultations with comprehensive reports. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis and all treatment options will be discussed in depth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Knight today and start the healing process.